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Adam is an entrepreneur who restores classic cars and refurbishes vintage vacuums as a hobby

when not spending time with his wonderful wife Michelle. Seeing her smile can't help but put a

smile on your face as well. Adam also continues his uncle Juice's legacy of DJ-ing parties for friends and

family. Adam is a class of 2011 Rutger's graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Business. Born in

Secaucus and hailing from Bayonne, he maintains relationships with loved ones in both northern and

central Jersey.


Arthur is a retired Superintendent of Schools in Union Beach. He enjoys spending time with his family and telling stories from his childhood. He divides his spare time between hot yoga classes and visiting the family vacation home in northern Pennsylvania.


Lois, wife to Arthur and mother to Adam and Lauren, Adam's sister and Arthur's daughter, also dedicate their time to helping set up and run the estate sales. And we cannot forget about Vicky or Debbie. They are a very important part to the estate sale process of setting up, running, and cleaning out of homes. Their knowledge of fine antiques adds that special niche to the family. So in short anywhere you find Adam and Arthur, the rest of the group is not far behind! This tight-knit family will always be there with open arms and a helping hand to welcome you to an estate sale or guide you through the process of having an estate sale/downsizing sale of your own.





About Us


Meet the team!


The Great Estate, LLC is a family-run estate sale business, owned by a father/son collaboration. Adam and Arthur have always worked hand-in-hand with a passion for uncovering the history behind the vintique items that make up a life from a different time. They both possess a love for classic cars and sharing their experiences with friends, both new and old. Both Adam and Arthur are always ready to strike up a conversation, and make you feel at ease and like family right away!

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